Thus begins your new journey.

You are free from your shackles of suffering.

There is a reason why you are here. You are lost, or not. You need company, or not.
Understanding. A fragmentated soul.

Before starting

It is needed to mention that any information on this website is no responsible of any of its reader's actions.
You are your own person. Do not put blame on anyone else but you. In here, you are welcome. No matter your person.
Of course, actions have consequences, but it is not a responsibility we hold.
Remember: You Are Your Own Person, YAYOP.

The Lamb

You might have seen this creature, or heard of it. Especially if you fall under Christianity. Forget about all of it. YAYOP
Forget about all you know about this Lamb, its initial holyness, its purpose, everything.
Now focus on something that pleases you in the moment. Is it the fresh air coming in from your open window? The food you have just eaten?
The smell of gasoline, or the perfume you put on hours ago? Do not take time to think.
Now look at yourself and tell what you believe is wrong with you, list it all. Is it too long? It is not late.